Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Isaiah's Birthday and fun new things!

Isaiah had a super fun 2nd birthday! We had about a dozen immediate family members and close friends over for dinner and cake on his birthday. He especially loved his balloons! He recieved tons of great gifts including a big wheel motercycle and a Potty book. :) I made super yummy sloppy joes (thanks Heather!).

Ella is smiling a ton now and loves to stare at faces. She has a super strong neck and likes to kick her legs like crazy. Poor, Isaiah, he couldn't lift his huge head for a really long time! Ella is already 9 weeks old. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey great idea Michelle! I love to see the updates on your family! You have adorable children! We just found out we are expecting baby #3 in November!
Miss you!
Kelly Peterson

Kimberly Tucker Pfennigs said...

Michelle, What a great idea. I love it and you make beautiful babies...especially with that big, hairy guy you married. This will help close the distance betwix Colorado and Minnesota. Love you, Kim (P.S. Hello there, son. By the way, Yvonne had her baby girl, Morgan on March 31. How scary!)

Kimberly Tucker Pfennigs said...

Michelle, I love it! You make beautiful babies even with that big hairy man you married! This will help shorten the distance betwix Colorado and Minnesota, like we wish it was. Love, Kim P.S. Hey there, son. I love you, too. And FYI, Yvonne had her daughter, Morgan, on March 31!