Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Teeth and a Big Boy Bed

Ella has two teeth! They poked through about a week ago. How fun! I have tried giving her baby cereal once and she seems to like eating it. She goes in for her 6 month appt. next week and then I'll let you know how much she weighs and all that. She rolled over for the 1st time a couple weeks ago too.

This past weekend, we found a cool Fire Station toddler bed at a Rummage Sale and started having Isaiah sleep in it. He's doing great with it! He listens really well and stays in it. I think it helps that we've been really consistent with bedtime and so he knows it's time to sleep and not play! He's very proud of his big boy bed. :)

We had our 4th wedding anniversary and Andy's birthday earlier in July. Andy had teeth pulled on our anniversary, but we had a real date later in the weekend and enjoyed the 4th of July. Isaiah LOVED the 3rd of July Parade here in Gilbert. He loved the motercycles, but mostly loved playing in the dirt while the rest of us watched. :) For Andy's birthday we went out to eat which is always nice and relaxing, even with the kids (for the most part!).

We have the internet at home now, so hopefully I'll be better at posting updates! Andy is still working a lot, but his hours are only 12/day now instead of 14! Which actually makes a huge difference.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Anniversary!

Ugh. Can you give me tips on the bedtime thing. Hahaha. We are having the worste time keeping BJ in his bed. *Sigh*