Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Typical Day with Isaiah & Ella

After eating a breakfast of toast, Isaiah is hungry 30 minutes later. He really enjoys cereal of all kinds. :)
Good Morning Ella! Here is the adorable face that greets me when I get Ella up from her morning nap.

Isaiah is all bundled up to go out and run errands for the morning.

Ella is all bundled up too. She doesn't enjoy her snowsuit that she has to wear when it's really cold out. (it was below zero this morning). With her snowsuit on, she can't suck on her fingers, which is very frustrating to her.

After running some errands, we headed back home because the roads were too snowy and icy to go any further than Gilbert. We had a fun day playing at home. In fact, Ella finally scooted (backwards) across the room! Except, she won't do it if I'm in the same room for some reason. :)
We ended the evening singing Christmas songs. Isaiah is practicing "Away in a Manger" for Christmas Eve at church. He was singing all kinds of songs with Daddy. I was laughing so hard at his 2 year old interpretation of words to the songs. You should hear how he says "Merry Christmas." It's hilarious. "Mewy Chrifmuf"

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