Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I figure my daughter is basically a genius. She is figuring out all kinds of ways of moving without crawling. It seems that she doesn't think of crawling, but has lots of other ideas to get whatever she wants. Last night when my mom was watching the kids, Ella wanted some toys that were too far away and she scooted on her butt from the sitting position, rocking back and forth to move forward. What a silly girl! She's also getting another tooth on the bottom, which is tooth number 7 for her.

Isaiah is enjoying his weekly swimming lessons. However, anyone who knows him, knows that he's pretty easy going, except when he gets it in his head to be stubborn about something. So, last time at his swimming lesson with Andy, he was determined to have his own way (maybe it's a 2 year old thing) about everything and plus, in the locker room on their way out, the floor was wet and he slipped hurting himself. Hopefully the lesson tomorrow night goes better! It's kinda funny because there is an ongoing joke about Isaiah being the biggest 2 year old ever. Everyone who works there talks about it! I guess I better get used to it. :) I'm sure he'll keep getting taller and taller.

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