Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Kids

Isaiah and Ella are really enjoying each other. Whenever I get them up from their afternoon nap, I go and grab Ella first and as soon as we get in front of Isaiah's door, she starts screaming because she's so excited to her her big brother. :)

Here is Ella playing with all of her new girl toys she got for Christmas. It's not just balls and trucks anymore around here!

Isaiah loves drawing on his new sketching toy. He always asks me to draw pictures for him like "Mama draw Oatmeal" or "Mama draw Daddy". Here is one of Isaiah's 1st drawing that he did all by himself. It's a picture of Mama. :)

This is what happens when you let your son dress himself. Hat, underwear and boots.

Daddy and Isaiah are having cuddle time.
On a side note, Andy had shoulder surgery earlier this week. Everything went well and he's on his road to recovery. At least I get to spend lots of extra time with him now! (he has 2 weeks off from work)

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