Tuesday, June 9, 2009

28 Weeks and counting....

In some ways this pregnancy is taking forever because I've been sick for most of it, but in other ways it has gone by way faster than my other 2 pregnancies. I'm a lot busier having 2 kids and our house for sale and it being summer, etc. I've been having morning sickness a little bit again! (what?!) I just hope it doesn't get worse. I also think that my belly is going to be a lot bigger than it got with Ella. I have a feeling that I grow big boys. (did I mention that we know this baby is a boy???) :) Isaiah is very excited for the new baby. He says that his baby brother will like to play with his toys. He also has a name for the new baby. He calls him "baby Ampo". I have no idea how he came up with this name, but I think it's hilarious.
Ella has been taking quite a bit a steps now, but next week we're bringing her to a pediatric orthopedic specialist to look at her feet. She still walks a lot on her inside ankles. I'll keep you updated on what the specialist says.

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