Friday, January 15, 2010

Life With 3



Andy and the kids on our "movie night". (they're not totally into it yet. We had to lure Ella with chips)


This was soon after Joshua was born.

As far as having 3 young kids goes, I have been super blessed. I guess I probably imagined it being quite a bit harder than it is (most of the time at least). Joshua has been so easy! I can't believe he is almost 5 months old already! I got Ella potty trained which was super easy. The most difficult part has been trying to get out and do things with all three. So with that, I have been tending to feel a little bit of cabin fever. But Andy has been great about getting me out of the house by myself. I don't even attempt Target and the grocery store with the kids anymore! But the sweet things of the day make up for the busyness of 3... like Isaiah knowing and singing "Jesus Loves Me" and memorizing his first bible verse. (we realized he could probably memorize a bible verse now since he knows half of his books by heart!). It's also so sweet to see how much Isaiah and Ella LOVE their little brother. They just dote on him and are super gentle. Ella calls him "ba ba". Don't get me wrong though, there are moments in my day when I think to myself "can I handle having another child? That's CRAZY!!!!" (yes, we do plan on having one more at some point) :) Ella's feet are a lot better. She's been wearing her braces for about 6 months and when she recently went back to the pediatric orthopedic doctor, they said she might be done with the braces by this summer! That's good news, because at first they said she might be in them until she's in school!
Part of getting out of the house is going to the YMCA a few times a week. My current goal is to be able to run in a half-marathon with Andy this summer. I'll keep you updated on my progress. So far I'm up to 2 miles! ;)


Jen, Scott, and Blane said...

Hey you! I MISS you! Your family is precious, and you are such a great mommy! I had braces on my legs when I was little too : )

A said...

So cute! It's fun to get an update and see pics. We need to talk sometime! It's been too long.