Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids and Markers

It's been a long week around the Littler home. Isaiah had a double ear infection and eye infection so he didn't sleep well, so that means me and Andy didn't sleep well either! But we still took time to have some fun, of course. :) We worked on a craft project involving markers. Isaiah is very neat and orderly when he uses anything, including markers. He's a "in the lines" kind of child. Ella however, uses a marker like she should color anything in sight. (including her face and hands, table, everything! shown above) I love discovering the fun personality differences in my children. I also tried doing a project where I painted the bottom of the kids' feet to attempt to have all their feet on a piece of paper... Joshua of course didn't even care. Ella wanted BOTH feet painted. Isaiah wanted nothing to do with having paint on his feet. He was probably thinking "WHY would I WANT paint on my feet???? It goes only on the paper Mom!"

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