Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food, one thing at a time...

Am I one of the last people in the world to learn about all the crazy things in our food? Andy is telling me about a lot of things he's learning. One thing that I've decided to attempt to remove from the food we eat is Yellow 5 (or tartrazine). It's the yellow dye in Goldfish, Mac & Cheese and lots of other yellow food. You can check out this website for more info on research found about dyes in food. ( The things I'm learning that are bad for my kids is very overwhelming to me. These dyes are banned in other countries because of the research showing behavioral effects on children who consume them.
So, because it seems impossible to eliminate all the things I would like to, I'll start one thing at a time. My kids (and most) LOVE Goldfish crackers. So, I was sad to discover they had Yellow 5 in them. I found these yummy Bunnies instead. Can you believe the kids actually complained that they wanted to eat fish instead of bunnies??? :) It was hard for me to buy these crackers instead of Goldfish because they cost about twice as much. (I'm the bargain, low-price, coupon, sale queen). But I've decided to start changing our diets, one small thing at a time! I'm not quite ready to give up Mac & Cheese, so I've started buying the White Cheddar variety to eliminate the Yellow 5. The kids didn't seem to care that the color of their lunch changed. I've also stopped personally drinking diet pop. I miss it every day!

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