Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This boy loves his little sister. (yesterday Ella wanted me to hold her and I told her "not right now" and Isaiah says to her, "I'll hold you Ella!" This is the resulting picture. :) )

This 4 year-old boy loves playing with his cars.

And he never stops moving!

He plays hard all day long.

He loves being loud. He loves running around. He is the ultimate BOY.
He loves learning about Jesus. He was really excited to bring his bible to Sunday School this Sunday and after church kept on talking about "the Lord" and "the Jesus". We were sitting in a restaurant later in the day and he was loudly singing "Jesus Loves Me" and a song he learned in Sunday School.

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Sarah said...

So cute! I can't get over how big your kids are. I remember the last time you were over Ella wasn't even sitting up or crawling and you didn't even have Joshua yet! We'll have to start going for walks-it is getting warmer out now!