Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New: My Running Chronicle's

I am waiting very impatiently to find out if Andy and I got picked to run in the Grandma's 1/2 Marathon this summer.

If we don't get into that race, we will sign up for a different 1/2 marathon sometime during June or July. I will be starting my training with basically zero running skill with the hope that I'll actually enjoy running 13.2 miles this summer.

March 1: I ran 2 miles outside around our town. For the first mile or so, the run was really hard. Breathing was hard and picking up my tired legs was hard too. I ran for all of it except for a tiny hill where I walked for maybe 1 minute. By the end of the run I was feeling great and ended with a sprint for about 2 blocks. After this run, I felt really excited about running and was feeling great.

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Your kids are absolutely adorable and you take beautiful pictures! I love the one in your blog header!

-Ann Marie :)