Monday, April 7, 2008

Potty time, Toys and Cooing. :)

Isaiah loves to put all of his toys in one place and walk back and forth with one tiny toy at a time. He's very repeatative. He's also learning the alphabet right now. It's so fun seeing him figure it out. He knows most of the letters now, but not the order they go in. :) We had been (before the snow) going on walks with our fabulous double running stroller. I love it! (Thanks Kim!)
Anyone who knows Andy with love this story.... Andy taught Isaiah to whenever the toilet flushes (even in Public restrooms) say "bu-bye Poop"! :) Of course my son would be so open with his and other people's bodily functions.....

Ella does this really adorable cooing now. When you talk to her she coo's and smiles and gurgles. It's hilarious! Oh, and just like any other baby, she loves to look at Andy's hat brims. :) She also loves looking at Isaiah. I'll tell Isaiah "Look, Ella is looking at you, she loves you!" He gets the hugest smile on his face. Having two kids is the best!

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