Sunday, August 31, 2008


I don't know how Isaiah knows how to give a "wet willy", but he does and luckily Hanna thought it was funny too!

This is one of Isaiah's new favorite faces to make.

Ella and I are chillin' in our bathing suits while Isaiah and Andy (and Tim, Heather and Hanna) swim in the freezing cold water.

Hanna is kissing Isaiah's arm at the camp site.

We mostly had a lot of fun camping with the Johnsen's. The kids had fun playing in the dirt and running around getting dirty and scratched up. The sleeping part didn't happen so great though... The kids all went to bed okay, but then in the middle of the night they all just kept on waking each other up from around 1 - 3 am. We relaxed the next day at the beach and then called it a day! Camping is quite the experience with little kids!

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