Sunday, September 7, 2008

2 Different Personalities!

I know... Andy's head is missing... :)

Ella is really enjoying her cereal and sippy cups now. She gets really excited and breathes in and out rapidly, which makes it really difficult to put cereal in her mouth without making her choke on it! :)

Isaiah has been attached to that blue silky blanket (or as he calls it "beba") for about a year or so. But since we went to the Cities a few weekends ago, he wants to have it with him almost constantly. When he has his blanket he usually sucks his thumb too, but that's the only time he sucks his thumb. I'm realizing how completely different Isaiah and Ella are. Isaiah has never been cuddly except the few times that he's been sick. Ella is very cuddly and always wants to be held! Isaiah has never cared about being away from Andy and I. He doesn't cry when we put him in the church nursery, leave him with a sitter, etc. Ella however cries if a stranger holds her and sometimes when I walk into a different room. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, she brown hair and brown eyes... The differences are endless! But Isaiah loves her! He "helps" us pray for Ella before she goes to bed, he loves it when she looks at him or touches him and he gets very concerned if he doesn't know where she is. I love having 2 kids! :)

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LL said...

Your kids are so precious. I too, have enjoyed how unique each of my kids are. They each fun (and challenging) in their own way. I saw your family driving through Grand Rapids last weekend, but I don't think you saw me. Say hi to Heather and Tim for me. Hannah is adorable.