Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Boots will bite you!"

Ella thinks that the cats are hilarious. Last night, Andy was holding her on the couch and Boots came up to them and Ella started making this crazy loud screaming noise out of pure joy in seeing the cat so close. The cats like her too. She hasn't harrassed them too much (unlike Isaiah) and so they like to lay and sleep next to her on her blanket when she's having floor time. Isaiah, however, has taken to a certain phrase that apparently I say to him a lot. He runs around the house yelling "Boots will bite you!" and searching for Boots. Then, once he finds Boots, he harrasses him and waits for him to bite. For some reason, Isaiah loves it. :)

Isaiah also thinks it's fabulous to hold Ella. I don't usually give him very many chances to do this, since he sometimes squeezes too tight or just lets go with no notice... But, when he does hold her, he loves it. :)

Ella wore her princess tiara to dinner with the Johnsen's tonight, just so Tim could see that Ella is very girlyer than Hanna. I think Tim was surprised to hear that Andy actually thinks the tiara is cute. :)

Isaiah thinks that all people are boys. How do you explain the difference to a 2 year old??? Oh, and he's being more independent lately. He has to get on/off the potty alone, wash hands alone, get into his carseat alone, walk (run) to the house alone...and so on. I know this is good... but some things are so much easier and quicker when I do it for him! :)

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Jenny and Naomi said...

haha.. i liked reading about how things are going. i can just hear Isaiah running around yelling "boots will bite you!" hehe.. funny. who knew ella would love the cats too? i hope i can talk to you soon. maybe i'll try calling again this weekend. i miss you and everyone.. life is feeling a bit crazy right now. we need lots of prayer.. we are feeling so overwhelmed, frustrated and just sick for home in general. there is much to explain about that. i love you!! i miss the fall colors.. make sure you take lots of pictures for me!