Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yeah for rummage sales!

Heather and the kids and I went to the Chisholm city-wide rummage sales yesterday. I found Isaiah this fabulous wooden rocking horse, which he loves. He calls it "horsie". I did have to convince him that he can't ride it around on the floor like a car and that it just stays in one place. I love finding new things that occupy him just long enough that I could do a kitchen worth of dishes this morning! :) I think Ella is getting another tooth, because last night she cried for a couple hours straight. Which was interesting because we had some friends over for dinner! I guess that these friends got to see us at our usual reality of slightly organized chaos.


Jenny and Naomi said...

HI!! thanks for all the comments on my blog! i barely have time to read yours but its good to see pictures! thank you for your prayers... miss you and love you.. give ella and isaiah hugs and kisses from auntie!

Jenny and Naomi said...

Hi.. i tried posting on here and don't know if it works.. almost out of time.. sorry! thanks for your prayers and for comments.. love you and miss you.. send hugs and kisses to the kids!