Thursday, November 13, 2008

Auntie in Africa?

Well, we picked up Auntie Jenny from the airport yesterday. Yet Isaiah still is saying "Auntie in Africa." :) The first thing he said to her upon seeing her at the airport was, "Auntie don off". "Don" is his word for "I don't know what the word is". Jenny had braids put in her hair while she was in Africa and that was the 1st thing Isaiah noticed and apparently he wanted her to take them off. :)
Life has been crazy busy lately. Our house is still for sale, but we'll probably end up taking it off the market for the winter. Besides, with the economy the way it is, not very many people are buying right now. At least up here since the mines are cutting back and laying off. Andy's job should be fine, he just won't get as many hours. I'm trying to trust God that it will all continue to work out. :)
Ella had her 9 month appointment last week. She is 19 lbs 6 oz and 29 inches. For weight she's in the 52nd percentile and for height, she's in the 87th. :) I guess our kids will be tall, huh?

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