Sunday, November 23, 2008

Plenty of Funny Moments

Ella is sitting up like a big girl when we visited my Grandma in Plymouth this weekend. We went down just for a couple of hours with my mom and sister. It was a long day of traveling! But we had fun celebrating an early Thanksgiving.
Here is my Grandma and Jenny with Isaiah.

Isaiah looks like a big boy wearing Daddy's hat!

Ella actually looks happy on her tummy in this shot. ;)

Ella just adores her big brother!

Ella is enjoying her Cheerios. (and you can see all our snow in the window in the background!)

In this picture, we were eating dinner and Isaiah said his toast looke like a puppy. Then he flipped it over and pointed out the puppy's belly-button! He's showing it in this picture. :)

Isaiah had lots of fun when we had some friends over for dinner a couple weeks ago. He liked sitting next to the girls to eat dinner.

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