Wednesday, March 11, 2009


For Isaiah's birthday, my dad sent him a gift card which was perfect timing for Isaiah to pick out his new rain boots! We've only had 1 (sort of) nice day since then, but he had a blast that day stomping in the melting puddles.

Our newest drama is that on Monday afternoon, Isaiah fell somehow (I didn't see him fall since he was in a different room) and slightly fractured his arm! He has to wear this sling for a few weeks. We'll see how long the sling lasts. :) We went to see an orthopedic doctor yesterday who thinks he slightly fractured his arm. Although I've discovered that it's hard for doctors to sometimes know what is actually wrong with children.

And lastly, here is my newly popped out belly at 15 weeks. I actually look pregnant now and not just like I have a chubby stomache. :)

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