Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Babbitt is a nice town"

I was able to go for a walk tonight, just me and baby Eli. I took some photos while pushing the stroller down a path in the woods just outside of town here in Babbitt. It was beautiful. The quiet time was relaxing and I basked in the sun and in wondering at God's goodness.
On the 4th of July, as the kids and I were waiting for Andy to finish running in his race, we were visiting with a lady we had just met. The kids were playing with her dog and she asked Isaiah where we were from. He didn't answer, so I told her Babbitt. Isaiah then said to her, "Babbitt is a nice place." (very matter-of-fact) :) This lady and her friends thought that comment was hilarious. As I was enjoying my walk this evening, I realized that I agree with Isaiah about Babbitt. :) I never thought I would live here. I was stressed about moving here (1week after Eli being born). I've always told Andy that I thought Babbitt was weird. :) But I am thankful for my God who shows me His created beauty in a town I didn't think I would enjoy and I realize that He will take care of us here in Babbitt too. I will make close friends. Our house will eventually feel like home. He is faithful and I am reminded to trust in Him. In our move here, God showed me His love in many ways. We were showered with help. We had help packing, moving, unpacking and with food. People from church gave a huge amount of encouragement while I was openly struggling with all the changes. I felt loved. He knows our needs and even when things feel crazy and I try to struggle through it by myself, He shows Himself to me and I remember to rely, again.

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Kylie Marie said...

Did not realize you had moved! Let me know your new address if you ever need anything else! And if you come to Virginia alone and want to get coffee...I always enjoy getting coffee with people :)