Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our July 4th

The kids hanging out with Andy in the grass after his morning 4-mile race. (hanging out = him trying to contain them to one area)

Joshua "helping" to put the race cones away.

Anxiously awaiting the parade coming down the street in Ely.

Yeah, the parade!

Usually we've gone to the Gilbert parade, but since we moved, we tried Ely this year and really enjoyed it. The parade in Ely was a lot better and the kids got probably 10 lbs of candy (not kidding!).

1 comment:

Kylie Marie said...

Where/when did you move?
Congrats on Eli, he is perfect!!
I have heard the Ely parade is wonderful!! I have good friend from Indiana who summer in Ely, but we couldn't make it because my hubby worked!